ibeos -- set end-of-string mode (board or device)


#include <gpib/ib.h>

int ibeos(int ud, int eosmode);


ibeos() is used to set the end-of-string character and mode. The least significant 8 bits of eosmode specify the eos character. You may also bitwise-or one or more of the following bits to set the eos mode:

Table 1. End-of-String Mode Bits

constantvalue (hexadecimal)meaning
REOS0x400Enable termination of reads when eos character is received.
XEOS0x800Assert the EOI line whenever the eos character is sent during writes.
BIN0x1000Match eos character using all 8 bits (instead of only looking at the 7 least significant bits).

Return value

The value of ibsta is returned.