ibsad -- set secondary GPIB address (board or device)


#include <gpib/ib.h>

int ibsad(int ud, int sad);


ibsad() sets the GPIB secondary address of the device or board specified by the descriptor ud. If ud is a device descriptor, then the setting is local to the descriptor (it does not affect the behaviour of calls using other descriptors, even if they refer to the same physical device). If ud is a board descriptor, then the board's secondary address is changed immediately, which is a global change affecting anything (even other processes) using the board.

This library follows NI's unfortunate convention of adding 0x60 hexadecimal (96 decimal) to secondary addresses. That is, if you wish to set the secondary address to 3, you should set sad to 0x63. Setting sad to 0 disables the use of secondary addressing. Valid GPIB secondary addresses are in the range from 0 to 30 (which correspond to sad values of 0x60 to 0x7e).

Return value

The value of ibsta is returned.