FindLstn -- find devices


#include <gpib/ib.h>

void FindLstn(int board_desc, const Addr4882_t padList[], Addr4882_t resultList[], int maxNumResults);


FindLstn() will check the primary addresses in the padList array for devices. The GPIB addresses of all devices found will be stored in the resultList array, and ibcnt will be set to the number of devices found. The maxNumResults parameter limits the maximum number of results that will be returned, and is usually set to the number of elements in the resultList array. If more than maxNumResults devices are found, an ETAB error is returned in iberr. The padList should consist of primary addresses only, with no secondary addresses (all possible secondary addresses will be checked as necessary).

Your GPIB board must have the capability to monitor the NDAC bus line in order to use this function (see iblines).