SendDataBytes -- write data


#include <gpib/ib.h>

void SendDataBytes(int board_desc, const void *data, long count, int eot_mode);


SendDataBytes() writes data to the bus. One or more devices must have already been addressed as listener (and the board as talker) before calling this function. Addressing may be accomplished with the SendSetup() function.

count bytes are written from the array specified by data. The eot_mode argument specifies how the message should be terminated, and may be any of the following values:

Table 1. eot modes

NULLend0Do not assert EOI or add a newline at the end of the write.
DABend1Assert EOI with the last byte of the write.
NLend2Append a newline, and assert EOI with the newline at the end of the write.

You may find it simpler to use the slightly higher level functions Send() or SendList(), since they does not require addressing and writing of data to be performed separately.